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Kubernetes on ODROID-N2 6 Mai

Geschrieben von Thomas Kruse am 6. Mai 2019

The ODROID-N2 is an amazing single board computer: It is available with 4GB RAM - and with an eMMC card for high speed storage and a power supply it costs less than 100 Euros. With 4+2 ARM64 CPU cores the ODROID-N2 provides an interesting platform to operate a small Kubernetes cluster without too much worrying about the power bill.

This article explains how to setup Kubernetes on ODROID-N2 single board computers. Since there are several options for operating system as well as Kubernetes distribution and setup method, this article makes the following decisions:

  • Use Arch Linux ARM64 as base operating system (this is quite lean and kept very much up to date)

  • Vanilla Kubernetes will be used, compiled and packaged as Arch ARM64 packages on the ODROID N2

  • Plain kubeadm will be used to setup the Kubernetes cluster

  • CRI-O as container runtime (instead of Docker)

  • Single master node and 4 worker nodes

Unfortunately there is no mainline Linux Kernel support for the ODROID-N2, but Hardkernel promised to work on it. The following features are currently not working as desired:

  • zram for compressed memory as swap device

  • Disable GPU memory allocation to make use of the full 2GB/4GB of the ODROID-N2

Previous experiences with Arch Linux ARM 64bit and Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi and ODROID (ODROID-C2 to be precise) can be found here:

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