Kubernetes Training
Kubernetes basics and practical introduction

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The trend towards container-based applications raises the challenges of container orchestration. Compared to Docker Swarm and Mesos, Kubernetes has established itself as the de facto standard and is supported by cloud and product providers alike.

With Kubernetes, containers can be aggregated and managed elastically to form dynamic, self-healing system landscapes.

Our Docker basic training including Docker Swarm Mode can be found here: Docker Training (german)

Objectives of the training

The Kubernetes training teaches relevant basics and enables participants to independently set up and provide applications as containers. You will install Kubernetes and learn how to deploy containers for your own applications in Kubernetes. Important aspects such as service discovery, dealing with credentials (secrets) and scaling of applications are taught using practical examples.

After completing the training, you will know the architecture of Kubernetes and be able to use Kubernetes to develop and operate applications.

Alternative: Compact Kubernetes

We also offer this training in a more compact form with a reduced practical component. In just two days, an overview of the basic concepts and possible uses of Kubernetes is provided.

Target Audience

Software developers and system administrators who want to use Kubernetes.

Previous knowledge

Handling Unix/Linux command line, shell knowledge, Docker basics


3 days


In-house at your site or as open training


English or german

Number of Participants

Recommended: Maximum 10


The following topics are covered in this training:

  • Kubernetes Basics

    • Architecture of Kubernetes

  • Container and Pods

    • Distribution using deployments

    • Scaling

    • Health Checks and fail over

  • Volumes

  • Services

    • Load Balancing

    • DNS

    • Labels, Selectors

  • Special Pod Types

    • Jobs, Daemon Sets

  • Infrastructure as Code

    • Build and Deployment of applications

    • Continuous Deployment

  • Monitoring and Logging

    • Heapster, Kubernetes Dashboard

    • Central Logging in Kubernetes

  • Security

    • Secret Management

    • Access Control

    • Image Scanning

  • Overlay Networks

    • Flannel, Weave, Calico

  • Architecture Patterns

    • Handling Persistence

    • Event based Applications

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